Stethographics, Inc. is the leader in developing automated lung and heart sound analysis technology and products. Our founder, Dr. Raymond Murphy and his colleagues have conducted numerous scientific investigations that demonstrate the clinical utility of automated lung sound analysis. Stethographics was formed in April 1998 to commercialize automated sound analysis products that apply Dr. Murphy's patented, proven and documented methods for widespread use in research, education and clinical care.

Results from our work have been validated, patented, presented at scientific meetings and published in prominent journals. Our multi-channel lung sound analysis system provides reliable information not previously possible to obtain with the human ear. We call our system a Stethograph™ or STG™. The STG can be used even in severely ill patients.

The Handheld STG™, shown in the photo, is used in conjunction with electronic or acoustic stethoscopes to record, playback, save, visualize and automatically count crackles and wheezes, and can automatically detect heart murmurs and heart rate.

The mission of Stethographics is to develop product that overtime will provide hospitals, clinics and physicians with these benefits:

  • Improved quality of care and clinical productivity through faster testing particularly when X-Rays or CAT scans are avoided.
  • Increased physician productivity through the immediate display of results vs X-Ray delays.
  • Cost savings from decreased use of X-Rays, echocardiographs, and other tests.
  • Direct cost savings by reduced reliance on prescriptions, particularly antibiotics and diuretics.
  • Lower risk of misdiagnosis by the visualization of sound waves, the automated counting of wheezes, crackles and other sounds and through the use of reference materials and sound samples.

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