Stethographics Management Team

Dr. Raymond L.H. Murphy, Jr., M.D., M.P.H., D.Sc., Founder, Chairman and Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Murphy has been a practicing physician since 1966, and his theoretical and scientific knowledge has been tested by the reality of clinical experience. He holds degrees in public health and occupational medicine. He was serving as Chief of Pulmonary Medicine at the Faulkner and Lemuel Shattuck Hospitals, in Boston, Massachusetts for over 25 years. Dr. Murphy is Professor of Medicine at the Tufts University School of Medicine. In 1975, he co-founded the International Lung Sounds Association, which has grown to include more than 100 physicians, other medical practitioners and engineers from around the globe who are interested in medical acoustics. The association has met annually for 30 years. Dr. Murphy has published over 50 articles and papers, some of which have appeared in the American Journal of Medicine, the New England Journal of Medicine, the Journal of Applied Physiology, and the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. Dr. Murphy holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Holy Cross College, an M.D. from New York University, and both an M.P.H. and Sc.D. from Harvard University. He has retired from Harvard's School of Public Health after serving on faculty for 25 years. In 1998 Dr. Murphy founded Stethographics, Inc., a company that develops computer based acoustic devices to improve medical diagnosis and monitoring. He serves as a company Chief Medical Officer.



Margaret Murphy, Ph.D., Head of Clinical Trials

Dr. M. Murphy heads Stethographics' ambitious clinical trials programs for over 5 years. These clinical trials resulted in presentations at a number of national and international professional meetings. Dr. M. Murphy holds the Ph.D. in Higher Education and Administration from Boston College, M.A. in Nursing from New York University, and B.S. in Nursing from St. Joseph College, West Hartford, CT. Dr. M. Murphy is a certified adult nurse practitioner. In addition to her work at Stethographics, Dr. M. Murphy holds the position of Associate Professor at Boston College. She was the founding Chairperson of Adult Health Nursing at Boston College School of Nursing.


Board of Scientific Advisers

Bart Celli, M.D. is Director of Pulmonary Services, St. Elizabeth's Hospital, Boston

Gerald S. Davis, M.D. is Director of Pulmonary Services, University of Vermont Hospital, Burlington, Vermont. He is also a director of Vermont Lung Center.

John Earis, M.D. is Chairman of the Pulmonary Unit of Aintree Hospital, England.

John Shane, Ph.D. is professor of Physics at the University of Massachusetts, former Chairman of the Physics Department.

Product Development Team

Andrei Savchenko, software engineer with over 7 years experience. Savchenko has been involved with Stethographics for over 1 year as a contractor. Employment history includes such companies as Advanced Visual Systems, Fraun Hofer CRCG. MS in physics, 1994, Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, Russia.

John Stanley, mechanical design engineer. J. Stanley has over 25 years of experience in instrumentation development. J. Stanley has been developing prototypes for Stethographics for over 2 years as an independent contractor.

David Whittemore, electrical engineer. Whittemore has been developing prototypes for Stethographics for over 2 years as an independent contractor.

Clinical Trials Team

Faulkner Hospital- ICU, PFT lab, Dialysis Unit
Raymond Murphy, M.D., M.P.H., D.Sc.

Anna Wong-Tse, R.N., B.S.N., R.R.T., C.P.F.T., NPS
Rozanne Paciej, B.S.
Kirsten A. Bergstrom, R.N., B.S.
Verna-Ann Power-Charnitsky, Ph.D.

St. Elizabeth Medical Center
Sadamu Ishikawa, M.D.
Bart Celli, M.D., Director of Pulmonary Services.

University of Vermont Hospital, Vermont Lung Center, Burlington, Vermont
Gerald S. Davis, M.D., Director of Pulmonary Service.

Aintree Chest Centre, Fazakerley Hospital, Liverpool, UK
John Earis, M.D. is Chairman of the Pulmonary Unit of Aintree Hospital, England.