December, 2003

Announcing the Heart Murmur Wizard™
Designed for Physicians, Nurses and Medical Students

Boston, December 8, 2003: Stethographics, a company pioneering software for stethoscopes, is pleased to announce the availability of its newest multimedia educational product, Heart Murmur Wizard™. The Stethographics Murmur Wizard provides medical professionals with a step-by-step auscultation procedure for evaluating heart murmurs. Users are asked questions related to the loudness and location of the patient's murmur. These observations allow the Murmur Wizard to provide specific guidance, serving as an interactive textbook.

Murmur Wizard for Pocket PC

The Stethographics Heart Sounds Pocket Guide is included with the Murmur Wizard. This Pocket Guide provides a quick reference library to significant murmurs, their sounds, waveforms and clinical significance.

Murmur Wizard is available for Pocket PCs (2002 and later), PC and Mac. The introductory price of Heart Murmur Wizard is $29.

3M Littmann Sound Analysis Software™

3M Littmann Sound Analysis Software

We are pleased to announce that 3M Littmann has chosen Stethographics to develop software for its stethoscopes. 3M Littmann Sound Analysis Software™, developed for 3M by Stethographics, will be included with each E4000 electronic stethoscope.

With Sound Analysis Software, users can move sound recordings from the E4000 memory to a PC (Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP), open the file, display a waveform, playback the sound, edit it, print a report and save the file in a standard .wav format. This product will be distributed worldwide, with documentation in 13 languages. Existing E4000 customers will also be able to obtain a copy by contacting 3M Littmann.

Flash Demo Presentations

STG for PC™ users and prospective users can now download two new flash movies. The Introduction to STG for PC™ provides a six minute overview of the main features of this software package. It includes examples of STG for PC™ in use for both heart and lung auscultation.

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