T-Mobile Handheld STG

The Handheld STG™ package brings computing power to stethoscopes. Using an output of an electronic stethoscope, the STG visualizes the sounds that the physician is hearing and stores them on the PDA. The STG software (STG for Pocket PC™) can be used as a phonocardiogram with automatic murmur detection, and is also the only commercialy available system for the recording, replay, display and automated analysis of lung sounds.

Patient Information screen
Waveform screen

STG for PC™ uses microphone port of your PC to record heart, lung and abdominal sounds. Use the STG to visualize sounds in real time, play back saved sounds, view sounds in time or frequency domains, or use it to automatically identify and count wheezes and crackles in real time. Heart murmur detection is also included.

STG for PC on laptop
This package includes powerful multimedia courses for learning heart and lung sounds and their associated pathologies. These courses integrate textual, audio and waveform information, improving the auscultation skills of physicians, nurses, and students in medicine. Includes the following Stethographics products: Introduction to Heart Sounds, Learning Lung Sounds, STG Software (Trials for Windows and Pocket PC), Guide to Using a Stethoscope.

This multimedia CD explains the origin and characteristics of heart sounds and murmurs and provides auditory and visual waveform examples of the most common of these sounds. Visual displays of time amplitude plots of the various sounds are provided in time expansion mode to aid in discerning the details of the sound. Illustrations of the mechanisms of production of heart sounds are also shown in a Murmur Mechanism Guide to facilitate learning. Heart Sounds Pocket Guide runs on Pocket PCs.

Learning Lung Sounds
This virtual auscultation multimedia course reviews the most important lung sounds, their mechanism of production, their locations and their clinical associations. Intended for everyone interested in clinical medicine, particularly students and residents in medicine, nursing and respiratory care as well as those in physician assistant and emergency care programs. CD runs on Windows and Macintosh operating systems. Lung Sounds Pocket Guide runs on Pocket PCs.
LLS on Pocket PC
16 Channel STG pad
Stethographics automated lung sound analysis is a fast, effective, low cost, noninvasive means to assist physicians in diagnosing and monitoring disorders of the lung.
16 Channel waveform screen