Trial Version of Heart Sounds Pocket Guide is available for download here. (setupTRIAL.zip - 226KB)
Full Version of Heart Sounds Pocket Guide is available for download from Handango.

If you are a medical student, family practitioner, nurse or emergency medical worker, here is a pocket reference guide to heart sounds. This Pocket Guide explains the origin and characteristics of heart sounds and murmurs and provides auditory and visual waveform examples of the most common of these sounds. Visual displays of time amplitude plots of the various sounds are provided in time expansion mode to aid in discerning the details of the sound.
Illustrations of the mechanisms of production of heart sounds are also shown in a Murmur Mechanism Guide to facilitate learning. A special feature for the student is the ability to get definitions of terms that may be unfamiliar by clicking on the underlined text, and linking to a glossary of terms.

Stethographics Heart Sounds Pocket Guide

> Heart Anatomy
> Auscultatory Sites
> Basic Heart Sounds
> Murmurs
> Murmur Mechanism Guide
> Glossary
> Aortic Stenosis
> Aortic Sclerosis
> Patent Ductus Arteriosus
> LV Outflow Tract Obstruction
> Aortic Insufficiency
> Prosthetic Aortic

> Pulmonic Stenosis
> Atrial Septal Defect
> Pulmonic Regurgitation
> Tricuspid Stenosis
> Tricuspid Regurgitation
> Ventricular Septal Defect
> Mitral Stenosis
> Mitral Regurgitation


Trial Version of Lung Sounds Pocket Guide is available for download here. (setupTRIAL.zip - 131KB)
Full Version of Lung Sounds Pocket Guide is available for download from Handango.

Lung sounds provide important information in the diagnosis and monitoring of the clinical course of patients with lung disorders. This learning and reference guide is intended for everyone interested in clinical medicine, particularly students and residents in medicine, nursing and respiratory care, as well as those in physician assistant, emergency care, and nurse practitioner programs.

Stethographics Lung Sounds Pocket Guide

> Bronchial
> Vesicular
> Fine Crackles
> Coarse Crackles
> Wheezes
> Squawks
> Rhonchi
> Pleural Rub
> Stridor

These sounds can be rapidly accessed from the software's opening page. Each sound is first described followed by the sound's recording. These lung sounds are played and visualized simultaneously, which allows one to quickly learn to associate abnormal lung sounds with their characteristic visual patterns.


Visual Objective Aid for Auscultation

Time amplitude plots of lung sounds are presented in two ways: expanded or unexpanded. The unexpanded method is similar to a phonocardiogram time amplitude display. This allows an overall view of the acoustic characteristics in real time. In the time expanded analysis the time or x-axis is stretched out so that details of the acoustic phenomena can be examined more carefully.

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