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Heart Murmur Wizard™

Murmur Wizard™ is designed to be used as a guide during patient examination. Murmur Wizard™ suggests a likely diagnosis based on the answers to specific questions and changes in heart sounds following various maneuvers.

Are you involved in patient exams and need an efficient tool for learning how to evaluate heart murmurs? The Stethographics Heart Murmur Wizard™ provides a concise, yet clear, a step-by-step guide to heart exams. Based upon what you hear and observed, the Wizard guides you through the evaluation process by providing additional steps in evaluating a patient. Upon reaching a suggested diagnosis, the Murmur Wizard™ provides a summary of the heart sounds, murmur origin and additional textual information. With this software, a Pocket PC and stethoscope, you will be quickly master heart murmur evaluation. Visual displays of time amplitude plots of the various sounds are provided in time expanded mode to aid in discerning the details of the sound. It is compatible with Windows Pocket PC 2002 or later OS. Does not require an electronic stethoscope. Can be used with any acoustic stethoscope. The Heart Murmur Wizard™ is intended for everyone interested in clinical medicine, particularly medical students, interns, residents, practitioners, nurses and physician assistants. The Heart Murmur Wizard™ also include the full version of Stethographics Heart Sounds Pocket Guide.

Murmur Wizard™ is intended for educational purposes only.

Buy now:
Two programs is a single package:
- Heart Murmur Wizard for a Windows Mobile device (formerly called Pocket PC)
- Heart Murmur Wizard for Windows PC (any PC running Windows OS)

Technical requirements:

Pocket PC: Macromedia Flash Player for Pocket PC, Pocket PC 2002 OS or higher, Microsoft ActiveSync, 1.2 Mb of available space
PC: Macromedia Flash Player for PC, Windows 95/98/2000/ME/NT/XP or Macintosh OS

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