Androscope i-stethos - NOT AVAILABLE

Androscope i-stethos enables the user to remotely auscultate cardiac and pulmonary sounds as well as connectivity to the Androscope teaching module so that multiple health care professionals can listen to biological sounds simultaneously. The Androscope i-stethos is even equipped with a cable port to capture sounds and transfer signals to a PC or a PDA for storage and retrieval, so it’s ideal for monitoring a patient’s progress or sharing data with other Androscope i-stethos users.

iPAQ settings:

1. Tap Start > Settings > System Tab > iPAQ Audio > Microphone AGC Tab.
2. Disable Automatic Gain Control.
3. Set Microphone Gain to -3.
4. Tap OK.
5. Tap Start > Settings > System Tab > Backlight > Battery Power Tab
6. Adjust 'Turn of backlight if device is not used for' to 3 min.

Connecting AndroScope to iPAQ:

1. Assemble cable as shown on illustration above.
2. Connect 4-prong male to the iPAQ.
3. Insert earpieces in to ears. Turn on Androscope. Gently tap the diaphragm. If you don't hear the taps the stethoscope is not functioning properly. If you hear the taps proceed to step 4.
4. Start recording with the STG software.
5. Gently tap the diaphragm. If you don't see sharp spikes occupying all vertical space of the screen, disconnect and reconnect iPAQ cable from the iPAQ until you see spikes. The spikes will appear when iPAQ switches to record from external microphone.
6. Firmly position stethoscope and start recording.

Acoustic Characteristics
Supply Voltage 3.0VDC
Supply Current: 3.5mA (typical)
Length: 70 cm (28)
Weight: ~148 grams
Heart rate: Displays beats between 40 to 199 beats per minute
Degree of protection again ingress of water: IPX1
Link port audio signals: Maximum audio input: 1.5 volts p-p
Audio output: 1.5 volts p-p